Shared Areas

Discover our Shared meeting rooms


By offering shared office space and facilities, you will meet a rising demand. Small businesses increasingly prefer shared facilities such as meeting rooms, for which they are not individually responsible.

If you have a collection of individual office units, adding a shared meeting room or two gives each of your tenants greater flexibility, either to network with each other or to welcome guests to the site.

You might also consider a reception pod, which can welcome guests, screen calls and receive the post on behalf of your tenants, giving your business site a high degree of professionalism.

Discover our Shared Kitchen Area / Cafe

Depending on the size of your business village, you can offer a beautifully designed kitchen area or a café that will give your tenants somewhere to relax and unwind.

A centralised area like this is also a way to encourage your tenants to mix and collaborate, something we have seen work time and again elsewhere. It also means you have one kitchen on-site, making drainage and water requirements easier to manage.

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