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Diversifying your rural business is a big step. You will have many questions and concerns, mixed with the excitement of starting something new.

Our 20 years of experience working alongside landowners and estates means we understand what drives you and the challenges you face.

We are proud to be the only UK business offering this empathetic, start-to-finish service. Let us show how, with a deep respect for the great outdoors, our attention to detail will deliver you a robust, attractive and sustainable new business.

“Innovators in creating rural outdoor living businesses. A complete, 360-degree service, tailor-made for your land.”

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Stand Out With Unique Designs


Our designers work with extraordinary flair and attention to detail. But they won’t so much as pick up a pencil until they get under the ‘canvas’ of your project, understanding what you wish to achieve and how it must fit elegantly with your rural surroundings.

They work closely with you throughout the design process, from presenting innovative conceptual designs to the final, detailed plan. 

The team understands every project is different and deserves a fresh approach. Outdoor Living delivers projects that knit beautifully in your landscape while creating comfortable and functional experiences for your customers.

An Eco Friendly Approach


Caring for the environment is important to you and your customers. We are proud of our environmentally-friendly projects across the UK, using sustainable interior finishes and décor, and ensuring all the services needed to build a project are as green as they can be.

We source naturally ethical or recycled materials, plus install solar panels, eco radiators, energy-efficient water heating, and Sedum roof coverings.

For your customers’ convenience, we can also arrange partnerships with electric car and bike charging points. Every step of our process, our suppliers, all of whom are in the UK, and contractors, respect sustainability as a core value. 

Feasibility Studies


An integral part of our service is a feasibility study that takes your concept and develops a business model that is right for you, your land and your potential customers.

The study helps you identify opportunities and obstacles to your outdoor project, and guides you towards the funding required. You can use it to support applications for grant funding, secure investor or trustee backing.

The professional study includes competitor analysis, preferred operational working models, and artistic visuals. It has financial modelling, expenditure, investment costs, the return of capital investment, forecasts and project phasing so builds can run at the same time or independently.

Financing Your Project


All of our clients’ circumstances are different. Some have finances readily available; others will receive grants or have investors or bank facilities arranged. No matter how big or small your project, our relationships with financial specialists can give you the most competitive and suitable package.

We can access finance for all aspects of your project, from renewable energy finance to equipment financing and leasing, and from land purchase and planning to build costs.

If you prefer flexible asset financing to preserve your usual banking facilities, thereby negating the need for extra collateral, we can arrange that too.



You won’t need to hire heavy machinery and skips or spend days on ground clearance with our ground screw foundation system. Do away with expensive concrete-based foundations and benefit from a more sustainable approach.

If required, we conduct a study of your site ground conditions. The work may include geotechnical investigations, and we may install some ground screws for load-bearing, compression and tensile testing. Once complete, you have proof that your foundations are suitable.

Our trusted partners respect your land and keep any impact on the environment to a minimum. We can manage all construction aspects, including drainage, connecting utilities and car parking. Full structural analysis, designs and reporting are available when you need them.

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