BBQ Shacks

The Ultimate BBQ Shack

Your guests will have a meal to remember in the BBQ Shack.

The BBQ Shack is a solid rural outdoor structure that can hold up to 15 people and comes with a central BBQ system, where creative culinary skills are encouraged, and conversation flows.

Cosy warm in winter, and offering welcome shade in summer, these gorgeous shacks not only look good, but they are practical, too.
With a contemporary outdoor design, the BBQ Shack is full of character and charm and built for the sole purpose of entertaining your guests.

These spacious structures are ideal throughout the seasons, offering warmth in the winter and a place for your guests to relax, cook and dine with friends in the summertime. See more of our habitats here. 

Functional Beauty

The BBQ Shack has a sloping wall design that some say makes it look like a pixie hut. Built with an attractive roof, snug door and windows, the real fairy-tale is inside, where family and friends can enjoy a relaxing meal while socialising in comfort around the central BBQ.

Most BBQ Shacks do not need planning permission and can be built quickly, blending in beautifully with your environment.

  • Built in the UK from sustainable top-grade timber
  • No quibble, 10-year manufacturer’s guarantee
  • Kerbit SBS roofing shingles
  • Double glazed, energy-efficient windows and doors
  • FSC approved MDF interior board with Neatmatch damp resistant coating.

Main Office: Manor Farm, Ixworth Thorpe, Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk, IP31 1QH

Regional Office: 47 Queen Charlotte St. Edinburgh, EH6 7EY

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